Cognitive Hypnotherapy

All of us get locked into beliefs, habits and patterns of behaviour which we come to realise are reducing the quality of our lives and yet somehow feel unable to change. In Cognitive Hypnotherapy we think of the unconscious as an area of the mind, separate from the conscious mind, which is capable of making decisions and producing its own behaviour. It is where problem patterns are stored and maintained. All of our problems have arisen because our unconscious mind seeks to protect us by keeping us away from situations that have brought about an unpleasant experience in the past. When a similar situation occurs, we are ‘emotionally hijacked’ by our unconscious mind, resulting in behaviour we often can’t control or explain.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses ideas from the schools of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Evolutionary Psychology and Positive Psychology to form a powerful way of changing unwanted behaviours or ways of thinking. We believe that just as each client is truly unique, the way we individually experience our problems are unique – therefore there is no ‘one approach fits all’. Unlike many hypnotherapists there are no set scripts, I tailor each session completely to you, allowing the most effective change to take place in the shortest time possible. Together we create a therapeutic partnership to best work together to achieve the changes you want for your life.

If you have a minute take a look at the Cognitive Hypnotherapy animation.

I am very grateful to Karen for her personalised approach, and for helping me to regain confidence, particularly in my communication and presentation skills. Being the first time I had tried hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP, I felt like I was in safe hands with Karen, who made me feel at ease and was there to answer any questions I had throughout.”

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses a relaxed, light trance state, just as you might experience when you are absorbed in a good book and miss your stop on the train, or when you’re just daydreaming.  The hypnosis and the hypnotic state allows the unconscious the ability to accept solutions as permanent and ongoing.

On booking with me you will get:

  • A confidential and treatment plan individually tailored to your desired outcome
  • An experienced, non-judgemental and ethical therapist who will listen to you to understand your needs
  • An inclusive MP3 of hypnotic suggestions – if appropriate to your treatment
  • A safe, client based approach
  • A brief Therapy – average of 4-6 sessions with most clients
  • Control and responsibility for your own progress. It’s you making the changes – I am merely your guide

If you would like to discuss how Cognitive Hypnotherapy  can help you, do contact me. I’ll be happy to discuss matters in as much detail as you require before making the decision to book an appointment with me.

Session Costs:

First 90 minute session   –   £160 – extra time required for full history take and assessment this  includes an   MP3 personalised hypnotherapy download written to meet individual needs and requirements.  Further downloads written and delivered throughout the course of  therapy to consolidate and maintain change.

Following sessions: £80 per hour

Brief Therapy between 4-6  sessions with most clients. 

Contact me on: 07774 834730


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